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Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Lower scores and better, more consistent play, the goals of every golfer, can be achieved with The E.G.G.®, the Ergonomic Golf Glove.
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Serious hand protection for the serious golfer!

A patented, first-of-its-kind anti-vibration glove. Made of top quality synthetic leather for maximum wear, the E.G.G.® utilizes specially developed, strategically placed pads which absorb harmful vibrations. These vibrations travel up the golfer's hands and arms every time they hit a golf ball. By using The E.G.G.®, we can reduce the potential nerve damage that can cause long-term reduction in feel and sensitivity--two things needed to play the game effectively. Golf requires practice, and The E.G.G.® allows you to get the practice you need without the damage to your hands and arms. The more you get out of your practice, the more you can enjoy the game. On the course, using The E.G.G.® during play can effectively reduce the discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your game to the fullest.

By using The E.G.G.® regularly during practice or out on the course, golfers will keep the sensitive touch and feel required to play longer and enjoy it more without becoming fatigued. Golfers with arthritis, musicians, even doctors, anyone who wants to protect their hands, should notice the difference by using The E.G.G.® The response from teaching professionals has been very positive. Golfers at many levels have used The E.G.G.® with wonderful results.

The E.G.G.® is available in left and right hand versions and a wide range of sizes for men and women. Also, this E.G.G.®, is cholesterol free.

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U.S. Patent Nos. 5,926,847; 6,216,276 B1

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