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What came first, the golfer or the E.G.G.?

Well, in this case it was the golfer. Now comes the E.G.G. Yes, the E.G.G., the ergonomic golf glove. Why is it here now? It's simple, it's here to protect you.

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If you love the game of golf, you hope to improve your game every year you play. But, we know that the only true way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. So off we go to the range to hit balls, one piece, rock hard projectiles that make our hands and arms feel worn out and wasted. After hitting several hundred balls or more in a practice session, you've got to wonder, "Isn't there a better way?" Now there is!

The E.G.G. is a specially developed practice glove that is designed to eliminate most of those nasty vibrations that are transmitted up the golf club and into our hands and arms.

Here's the theory, by reducing the amount of unwanted vibrations to reach our hands, we hope to keep down the damage done over time. Sounds easy enough, but why?

Golf requires touch and feel. By using the E.G.G., you should maintain your touch and feel longer, which means you should be able to play better for a longer period of time. As golfers we need to feel some of the vibrations coming up the shaft, feedback if you will, especially in the short game. But isn't that where the game is anyway, the short game.

By using the E.G.G. to practice with, we can save our hands for the two dollar Nassau rather than the two dollar bucket. Feedback is necessary to any and every golfer. If we don't get that feedback, we don't play well or we don't play at all. That's what the E.G.G. does, it helps to keep that feedback coming.

So try one, and see how easy it is. Just put on an E.G.G. and go hit balls. It's also cholesterol free!.

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